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Import Wizard in Base SAS

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Import Wizard in Base SAS

Hi, While I am able to change the setting of number of rows for the import wizard in SAS Enterprise Guide, I am unable to do the same in Base SAS 9.4. I can copy code from SAS EG and runs perfectly fine. Could anyone please tell me what setting to alter to import 50,000 rows. I did change the "getrows" option.



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Re: Import Wizard in Base SAS

Either write the code for proc import or use the wizard and save the resulting proc import code. Modify the OUT=dataset to include the OBS dataset option:


proc import datafile=fileref out=mysasdataset (obs=50000) dbms=<whatever>;



Depending on data source you may need to adjust the LRECL option as well.

That is if you are trying to limit a large data set to import only 50000 records.

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