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Import Excel File

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Import Excel File

Dear All,


please help me out with this one..!!


we can import the excel file in sas system by "Import data" under the "File" heading,

If anyone having multipal drive in the system and he wants to import excel file through "Import Data", but the file is not in the C drive.

than sas can import that file also..??

but i am unable to import the file.




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Re: Import Excel File

You do not provide enough information.  Is SAS installed locally on the machine?  If so you should just be able to point to a file on the network e.g:

proc import datafile="\\somewhere\inthisdirectory\isthefile.xlsx" out=want replace;



If you use server based SAS, get your IT team to map any necessary drives in the startup, and assign correct access rights.

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