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Import CSV with complex text variable

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Import CSV with complex text variable


I'm trying to import a CSV file which is pipe delimited.

I am having trouble when it comes to the text field, for some reason SAS appears to treat new lines as a new record.

I have tried multiple options on the infile statement but I'm having no luck.

The text data is from an email therefore there are multiple lines and can have multiple characters (thankfully no pipes).


The code I'm using is:


data mailmessage;

infile "\\filename.csv" dsd dlm='|'

Encoding="utf-8" missover firstobs=2 lrecl=32767 n=5 TERMSTR=CR recfrm=N;


MsgId :$10.

priority :$3.

Status :$3.

IncidentID :$10.

CustEmailId :$10.

DateRecv :$50.

DateSent :$50.

MsgFrom :$50.

MsgTo :$256.

MsgSubject :$256.

MsgCategories :$90.

MsgBody :$Char10000.

AgentID :$5.

Msgtype :$3.

firstmsgdate :$50.

Lastmsgdate :$50.

Nummessages :4.

Numreplies :4.

loginname :$7.

custaccount :$20.;



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Re: Import CSV with complex text variable

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This has come up a few times before, try this post for example:

Also, please dont refer to that as a Comma Separated Variable file as its not, its a delimited file.

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