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How to use count

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How to use count

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Re: How to find out the number of unique customers

You can use the code window ({i} above your post) to put code into the post, easier than attaching things.  I tend to sub-query things before doing sums and other things, makes it easier to read:

proc sql;
  create table WORK.CUSTOMER as 
  select  count(distinct CUSTOMERID) as RES
  from    (select * from ORION.CUSTOMER where customerid ="0");
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Re: How to use count



To note for future, its not a great idea to totally remove the original question.  It means anyone searching on a simliar problem will be presented with no information and unjointed posts.  Also a good idea to mark any posts which help correct, so they can be seen in reference to the oroginal quesiton.

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