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How to use SYSTASK?

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How to use SYSTASK?

Hi all
Can one of you tell me how to use "systask" in the code below.
I just can't figure it out!
Cheers, Patrick

proc format;
picture datestamp (default=19)
other='%Y%0m%0d_%0H%0M%0S' (datatype=datetime)

%global SASexe SASconfig SASautoexec SASsysin SASlog SASprint;
%let timestamp=%sysfunc(datetime(),datestamp.);

%let job=job1;

%let SASexe = "c:\Program Files\SAS\SASFoundation\9.2\sas.exe";
%let SASsysin = -sysin "C:\Documents and Settings\ssapam\My Documents\My SAS Files\9.2\&";
%let SASlog = -log "c:\test\&job&timestamp..log";
%let SASprint = -print "c:\test\&job&timestamp..lst";

%let BatchIt=&SASexe &SASconfig &SASautoexec &SASsysin &SASlog &SASprint -nosplash -icon;

%macro test;
/* working */
%sysexec &BatchIt;

/* NOT working */
/* systask command &BatchIt;*/

/* NOT working */
/* systask command %str(%')&BatchIt%str(%');*/
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Re: How to use SYSTASK?

This is a common problem solved with %UNQUOTE.

systask command %unquote(%str(%')&BatchIt%str(%'));
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Re: How to use SYSTASK?

Posted in reply to data_null__
That worked. Thanks data _null_ !
Do you also have an explanation why this %unquote is needed? I don't get it.
Cheers, Patrick

.... Think I got it! And I thought always that %' means "masking" the following character for macro resolution. I was never aware that this is a "quoting". Learnt something :-)

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