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How to sftp files

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How to sftp files

Hi All

Please advise.

I extract huge datasets and convert them to CSV format. I have these files saved on a UNIX server. What is the best way to send these files to a Big data VM appliance. Is it possible to send them from my remote session in unix while converting them to CSV?  What are some of my alternatives?

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Re: How to sftp files

Can't that this is a SAS issue really. How the file transfer is made is a matter of DW architecture.

SAS-wise, do you have a batch job that does signon to a remote UNIX SAS session, and creates those files there?

If you don't want to involve the scheduler on the UNIX host, it could seem simple to kick a shell script on UNIX that handles the sftp part.

There is also a SFTP filename "engine" available in SAS, if you would like to have the logic within the SAS job.

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Re: How to sftp files

Depending on your environment, there would be more than one options, some of the popular ones are:

1. If you have SAS/CONNECT, your Unix server is running SAS and you only transfer SAS files, please see :"Proc Download"

2. Google "Samba drive"

Make sure you have SFTP server running on your Unix server:

3. Use one of the SFTP clients, the one I use the most is "WINSCP"

4. Filename SFTP if you have SAS 9.2 or higher.


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