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How to run sas batch job in sas editor ?

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How to run sas batch job in sas editor ?

Dear SAS community users,


Right now I have 5 sas programs: the first four collect data and the fifth one picks up data and creates excel report.

I need to open pc sas to run one by one in order (some programs connect to remote server).

How can I make a batch program to run in sas environment ? I tried to gather all 5 into windows batch .bat to execute but it failed.


Thanks for your solution.










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Re: How to run sas batch job in sas editor ?

I've just done something similar to get around some problems sending email with our new 64-bit SAS version.  The previous version is still installed, so I created a batch file to execute that version of sas. The syntax was something like 


    cd /d [path with]

    [path for 32-bit sas files]\sasexe -sysin -config [path for config file]\[filename].cfg


I can run it from the command prompt and, more importantly for my purposes, launch it using the Windows scheduler.  I only ran a single program file, but would hope that I could add a 2nd, 3rd and 4th if necessary.


Perhaps if you posted your code, we could see what may be the problem.



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Re: How to run sas batch job in sas editor ?

By the way, I was assuming that you are not using Enterprise Guide.  It has "process flows" that allow you to group modules together and run with a single "command" from within the EG project.  You can also use EG to schedule the process flow to run from the Windows scheduler.  That's how my stuff used to run.

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Re: How to run sas batch job in sas editor ?

If you failed, let us know what you tried, and what symptoms (error message etc).

A simple way to accomplish this is to do %include from a "master" SAS program.

See how to execute SAS in batch / background in the SAS Companion for you environment.
There have also been some threads on these communities where you should be able to find directions.
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Re: How to run sas batch job in sas editor ?

If one program relies on the other programs in order to complete the entire job I would suggest you take your 5 SAS programs and include them in a single new SAS Macro based program which uses the above mentioned %include to execute each program and then write some addition error checking macro code to ensure program 1 ran successfully prior to calling the %include for the second program.


Then schedule the one program as mentioned above.

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Re: How to run sas batch job in sas editor ?

Thanks for all suggestions. DavidPope has some ideas which are similar to my thought.

I explain a little about my programs.

I ran PC SAS 9.3 and connect to unix server to get data from oracle database.

A sample of my program as follows:
  options source2 symbolgen mprint;
  %include (macro library);
  %include (sub programs );
 proc printto logs = ... lst=...  run;

  data aaa ;
   proc sql ;
    connect to oracle ...
   data bbb ;
     set aaa;
   manipulate data ..... ;

proc printto; run;

I create window bat file xxx.bat with:

start /w  "<sas path>"\sas.exe -sysin "<..path>"\ -log c:\temp\prg.log -lst c:\temp\prg.lst

My problem for this window bat file:

it can not import source of %include inside each sas program
it can not write out the special log file inside each program

This program is working fine separately in sas environment.

I want to create a sas bat program such that

%include (<path>\
%include (<path>\
and  run it in sas environrment (Local SAS), then it connects to remote server.

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