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How to run SAS program from NEDIT?

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How to run SAS program from NEDIT?

Hi All,

I am sorry, I am posting in wrong forum. But I was unable to find appropriate SAS Forum category related to OS.

I am executing my SAS programs on UNIX box. As of now I am using NEDIT to edit write/edit programs and executing this program from UNIX command prompt. Eg: sas913 &

I heard that we can execute (run) SAS programs directly from NEDIT window, by hitting F9. Its not giving any response when I hit F9 in my case.

My question is, do I need to set anything in .nedit under my Unix home directory to activate this feature?

If Yes, what exactly I need to add into .nedit??

Thank you very much in Advance!!


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How to run SAS program from NEDIT?

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Have you checked out  What you are talking about is called "key binding".  In particular,

I'm not an nedit user, but have done similar things with xemacs.

Doc Muhlbaier


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