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How to refresh rwork library?

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How to refresh rwork library?

The working library is called Rwork. Often after I run some data steps, I need to click View->Refresh in order to see any new tables or refreshed tables.


Is there a shortcut for this?

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Re: How to refresh rwork library?

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Hello Afiqcjohari,


It sounds like you are using SAS Enterprise Guide and the refresh you are doing is on one or all of the Libraries displayed in the Server List window.


I am not aware of a shortcut to refreshing the list of librefs and/or datasets visible in the Server List. I use a right-mouse click over the libref of interest, in your case RWORK, and then select Refresh from the pop-up menu, which is probably what you do.


If you think others might benefit from a shortcut or a optional feature that periodically updates one or more library lists you might want to head over to the SAS Ballot on the this Communities site ( and post a suggestion.


If you don't ask for an improvement, no one will know there is a need.




Downunder Dave.

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Re: How to refresh rwork library?

Hi Dave, I'm using SAS Base to interact with the server. The work folder (local) will normally refresh by itself as data is created but not for rwork (the remote work) folder.
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