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How to obtain computer and filename ?

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How to obtain computer and filename ?

Hi all,


I wanted to extract some KPI on the programs created with SAS. I would like to create a macro to insert his information in an SQL database. I don't how to extract computer name where the program is executed (this could be run from different machines) and also filename (.sas program )


Could anyone help me on this?


Thanks in advance

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Re: How to obtain computer and filename ?

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HostName is enabled through the automatic system macro variable:  &syshostname

You can print it in the log by: %put &syshostnmae;

or get it in your code by: hostname = "&syshostname";

In some cases (as on SAS UE) you may achieve LOCALHOST as hostname.


Check documentation of system macro variables, mainly start with &sys...

some of them may differ according to sas platform.


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