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How to input data in a summary table format

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How to input data in a summary table format



I am given a data set on how satisfaction depends on race, gender, age and regional location. However, the format of the txt. file is like below:




It looks like a formatted summary table. I am wondering how can I input these data into SAS? I would like to have five variables: satisfaction, gender, race, region and age.


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Re: How to input data in a summary table format

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It looks to be column delimited so you could read it in as column formatted, something like the following to get you started. 

A data step is the best approach. 


infile '../cda.txt' firstobs=7;
input @1 region $ @20 White_lt35_M @27 White_lt35_F .... etc;

And if it's a single data set that you need to read, and only once, there's no issue with copying it to Excel, reformatting and then exporting it back as a CSV and importing that. You run the risk of adding errors but it's easy to check with a small data set.

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