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How to handle encrypted third party database in SAS

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How to handle encrypted third party database in SAS



Our users connect to Teradata database from SAS (basically using libnames). Recently the Teradata admin enabled encryption (at TD gateway to be precise) and since then our users were not able to run their libname statements from SASEG anymore. When they execute, the code would be "running" state forever. The program would not even stop (when we tried stopping). It was like SASEG was hung from code per say. So immediately we disabled the encryption after realizing that was the one causing issues and then the libnames worked fine. So question is how to modify the SAS code to go against the encrypted database traffic.



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Re: How to handle encrypted third party database in SAS

There was a question many years back on this:


Basically from my understanding, you pass your details over to the database, and that should then feedback plain data.  The database can't send over encrypted data as SAS would then need to implement in the driver a de-encryption for the specific encryption you have used. 


So the database should send plain data based on the access rights given in the connection.  If the database encrypts things, then it is up to the database to de-crypt them too.  

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