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How to find the candlestick pattern in dataset?

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How to find the candlestick pattern in dataset?

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input date open high low close dailysignal;   

1 116.6875 116.875 112.625 116 Dl

2 116 116.75 114.1875 116 Kk



How can I find  the following bullish patterns and Bullish patterns, for example,

The Hammer                         downtrend          
The Hanging Man                 uptrend
The Bullish Engulfing            downtrend
The Bearish Engulfing          uptrend
The Piercing Lines                downtrend
Dark Cloud Cover                 uptrend
The Bullish Harami                downtrend
The Bearish Harami               uptrend


Capture.PNG defines candlestick dailysignal. You can use or not use it.

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Re: How to denfine the candlestick pattern?

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I do not understand this question.  You ask "how can I define bullish patterns and Bullish patterns".  (I presume you mean bullish and bearish).  You have shown some input data.  Please show what the output data would be, and the rules by which the output data is determined.


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