I have a file in Excel that I use to import the data into SAS.

The format of the data in the Excel is this:
28-05-2014 10:21:20
27-05-2014 14:22:26
27-05-2014 11:36:33
27-05-2014 17:14:55
27-05-2014 10:34:56
27-05-2014 19:03:48
27-05-2014 14:30:56

In SAS, the type is text, length is 19 and format is $19.

I am using this column to admission date which looks like this 08JUL2013:08:22:00. Therefore I would like to convert the above datetime to this format 28MAY2014:10:21:20 or 28MAY2014:10:21:00

Please let me know what I should do?

THank you