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How to control the name of dataset?

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How to control the name of dataset?

Suppose if i am going to create a dataset in a library with a name that is not matching my requirement, SAS should stop creating the dataset.

My requirement : dsname_ddmmyy;
If the dataset is created as : dsname_mmyy,
at that time the dataset should not created.
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Re: How to control the name of dataset?

I'm confused...

Please be more specific about what you are trying to do.

Have you not control on the dataset being created?
You wish to stop the dataset creation in the middle of it?

Cheers from Portugal.

Daniel Santos @
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Re: How to control the name of dataset?

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Basically this is a function of your SAS application program, since it would be yours or someone else's code that performs the processing to generate the SAS file.

Or possibly you are attempting to prevent some existing SAS file from existing, if you encounter the file during processing, for some reason?

As Daniel has clearly pointed out, it would be quite useful to state your intention and purpose with this idea, and include how you got to this point, possibly sharing a specific experience, please?

Scott Barry
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