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How to combine tables

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How to combine tables

Demonstrate & Practice

Follow this demonstration and learn how to filter and sort tasks, state the function of the New Query task, and compare those functionalities

Combining Data with Queries (PDF)

Now, using the following documents, complete the exercises. 


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Re: How to combine tables

And what is your question?  Follow the guidance you will find below the post button:



Ensure you post test data in the form of a datastep (not Office files as they are a security risk), what you want the output to be, and the logic between the two.  Also note, this looks like a learning excercise, to learn things its best to try to do it yourself, and come back with specific questions about it.

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Re: How to combine tables

Perhaps it's not a question, just sharing?
Either way, published data should be in pure text format.
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Re: How to combine tables

@torresg3 You literally copied and pasted your assignment, including the links back to your University. I hope you were at least smart enough to not use your real name or some common derivative. 



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