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How to change USERNAME

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How to change USERNAME

Hi everyone..

when i logged into sas community my name was appearing sajeev kuridi instead of sanjeev kuridi,

so i want to change my username but i am not finding the way ,how to change...

can you please guide me anyone...



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How to change USERNAME

Posted in reply to kuridisanjeev

Somehow I think you meant that your name is appearing as kuridisajeev rather than sanjeev kuridi.

That might be easy to change if the way you want it displayed is the way your actual name currently exists in your profile. All you would have to do is go to your profile and indicate that you want your name displayed to everyone.

However, it raises an interesting question that Renee might be able to answer.  We don't have a way to change our first name, last name or email address within our profile.  That would definitely be a nice addition.

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