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How to call a web service with SAS 9.13?

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How to call a web service with SAS 9.13?

I am working on a process that needs to call a web service and I was hoping to do so using SAS (version 9.13).  Right now I have the code to call this web service in C# but the problem is I need to call it in SAS.  I did some searching and found PROC SOAP but when I tried to run it I received an error, "Procedure SOAP not found."  I am assuming this means that PROC SOAP was not included in 9.13.

Any suggestions for how to call the web service?  Is there a way to run C# code from SAS (I am completely ignorant when it comes to C#)?  If I can't do it with SAS 9.13 I guess my next option would be to find a way to call the web service using vbscript and just call that script from SAS.

Thanks for any help you can provide

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