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How to apply a do loop on proc copy?

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How to apply a do loop on proc copy?

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I have 35 excel workbooks with 22 sheets in each that I am trying to import into SAS 9.4 and then create a master dataset for each of the 22 sheets. I found this cool code to export an entire excel workbook in one go, and it's great. But I don't want to do it 35 times. I'm not familiar with macros and want to know if I can apply a do loop for this piece of code.


This is the code I'm using to import an entire workbook in one step and it works like a charm. Since all my 35 workbooks have the same sheet names I'm creating separate libraries to send the SAS datasets by sheet into, so that I can have them all available for merging late.

libname MyFiles XLSX '&path.\abc.xlsx';
libname XYZ '&path2.\XYZ';

proc copy in=MyFiles out=XYZ;

libname MyFiles;

/* this is the do loop I tried. Did not see any errors but not producing any results */

%let path = C:\HowToProcCopy;

%let sub_rec = A B C D E;

%let path2 = C:\HowToProcCopy\SAS Datasets;

%let sub_rec2 = M N O P Q;

%macro all;

%do i = &sub_rec;
%do j = &sub_rec2;

libname myfiles xlsx "&path\&i.xlsx";
libname &j "&path2\&j";

proc copy in = myfiles out = &j;

libname myfiles;

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Re: How to apply a do loop on proc copy?

Macro variables do not resolve in single quotes, you need double quotes. Your log sometimes warns you about that. 



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