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How to angle axis labels on a chart

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How to angle axis labels on a chart

Hi there,

I am looking to try to use the angle function when creating a chart in SAS. Here is my code, but the lables are still horizontal. Your advice is appreciated!


proc format;

value insure 1='Yes' 2='No';

value race 1='Mexican American' 2='Other Hispanic' 3='Non-Hispanic White' 4='Non-Hispanic Black' 6='Non-Hispanic Asian' 7='Other Race - Including Multi-Racial';


proc gchart data=levy.nhanesdata;

vbar HIQ011/group=RIDRETH3 midpoints=1 to 2 by 1;

format HIQ011 insure.;

format RIDRETH3 race.;

*Axis and pattern control;

*horizontal axis;

axis3 value=(angle=55);

title1 'Figure 2. Number of people with & without health insurance compared by race and ethnicity';


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Re: How to angle axis labels on a chart

I see you use axis3, but I don't see where you've assigned the axis, ie gaxis=axis3 or maxis=axis3.

Unless you're doing a 3d chart why would you have 3 axis?
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Re: How to angle axis labels on a chart

Axis statements, like title statements, are global. This means they are not part of the procedure.

You could define your title and axis3 before the proc gchart line.

And you then have to use the axis3 definition in your vbar statement as explained above.

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