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How to access a JDBC connection?

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How to access a JDBC connection?

Hi to all,
let me explain the problem: I have to connect through SAS to a JDBC driver in order to read the data from an Oracle and create some datasets...actually I've found a lot of solutions involving the problem, but on the other way (reading from SAS with Java, using JDBC).
We're trying to read from an Oracle server, with a thin driver. I've tried to define a tnsnames with that information, but without any I'm asking:

1) Is it possible to read from an Oracle thin driver with SAS?
2) What do I need in order to do it? The client has got licensed ONLY SAS Access for Oracle...

Thanks in advance

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Re: How to access a JDBC connection?

Why do you have to use JDBC? Is there a problem to have SQL*NET installed on SAS server? This will be easiest way to pull data from Oracle to SAS.

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Re: How to access a JDBC connection?

actually I don't know...I hadn't enough time to test it (first I received a wrong tnsname, then they sent me this JDBC...), and the problem is that I haven't a direct connection or VPN to test it, and I'm sending "suggestions" over how to configure the Oracle, but I'm not sure they're doing alright (they're in the middle of a migration from SAS 8 to SAS 9, and Oracle 8 to Oracle 10...)...
The JDBC points to an Oralce Thin connection, and at the moment we haven't been able to connect to that source through SAS...
Thanks anyway

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Re: How to access a JDBC connection?

Hi Daniele,

This issue was raised a long time ago.. Hope you would have found a solution. I am trying to connect to a third party database having JDBC(not oracle) through SAS. So were you able to connect? Please let me know the steps.

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