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How to Open SAS7BITM File?

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How to Open SAS7BITM File?

Hi All,


I have built a glm model (below) and I have stored the equation so I can apply it to new data, it all works fine but I would like to open the equation used to score, called here work.Lapse_equation and saved as (SAS7BITM table) but it doesn't let me open.


Your help would be much appreciated


Thank You very much


proc glmselect data =work.Lapse_modelling_dataset ;
/* ods select ParameterEstimates;*/
class VAR1;
model Time_To_next_order = VAR1  VAR2 VAR3 VAR4 VAR5 VAR6 VAR7 VAR8 VAR9 VAR10
/ selection = stepwise(select=SL) stats=all;
output out=work.pout predicted=p_time_to_next_order;
store work.Lapse_equation;


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Re: How to Open SAS7BITM File?

From the documentation on the Store statement for GLMSELECT:

The resulting item store has a binary file format that cannot be modified. The contents of the item store can be processed with the PLM procedure.


If you want to reuse such things I recommend putting the store into a permanent library instead of Work. Then you can use it without having to re-run the Glmselect.



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