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How to Abort the SAS Program

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How to Abort the SAS Program

Dear SAS,
We need your expertise help in finding out how to "Abort the SAS code from DI Studio"
I'll give you the real scenario, which we are trying:-

We have one SAS DI Job and One scheduler Job which calls the DI Job and We are using the "Return Code Transformation" for tracking the Status of the Transformation if failed and in some case we would like to Abort the DI Job but not the Scheduler Job , but using the "Return Code Transformation" is aborting the scheduler Job as well , where we are not using the "Return Code Transformation".

Please let us know if we can achieve the desired with some work around. you help is very much appreciated.

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Re: How to Abort the SAS Program

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If you Right Click in the Process designer then you will see KILL, just kill the Job .
Hoe that what you are asking
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