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How do I do control charts?

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How do I do control charts?

Is it possible to code for control charts in SAS base?

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Re: How do I do control charts?

Yes it's possible to compute a control chart with BASE SAS alone, but you would need to estimate the process mean and process sd "by hand" (with proc means or SQL or whatever), and then compute the process limits, apply Westgard rules, and make a chart using GTL.  If you have a simple case it woudln't be that hard.  I've done it as a validation exercise.


But if you have SAS/QC licensed, there is PROC SHEWHART which does all of that for you.  It's nifty.


If you happen to have JMP, I'm pretty sure it will do control charts.


Side-note, I'm always curious if SAS/QC will ever be merged into SAS/STAT. I never understood the separatation of these PROCs into a separate package, but I guess it's probably a business decision.

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