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Help regarding clinical SAS or SAS BI

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Help regarding clinical SAS or SAS BI

Hi All,

I just want to make a decsion to stay in SAS BI or move to clinical SAS.I am in the beginning of my career and i had experience with SAS EG and domain is Health Insurance.When i am looking for new oppurtunities in SAS i am seeing requirements for both Clinical SAS and SAS BI,but clinical SAS requirements are more.To further prolong my career in SAS BI i understood that i have to learn tools like Web Report studio and others.

1)which would be better career option for future financial & Health Care (SAS BI) or clinical SAS.

2)If the better oppurtunity will be clinical then what is the approach.

3)If i want to learn the SAS BI tools like web report studio ,Information map studio and ETL tools like Data Integration Studio which is the best source.

4)I want to learn SAS Administration also.what should i learn in order to become as SAS Administrator.

Please help and let me embark on a journey for a nice career.I appreciate all for ur support.

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Help regarding clinical SAS or SAS BI

While I am not familiar with clinical SAS, as a general rule I would say you are much more employable if you have a combination of industry experience (eg Health Insurance) along with IT experience (eg SAS).

For example I have both banking industry AND SAS experience. That means I am immediately more employable at a bank who wants SAS resources over SAS-skilled applicants with no banking experience or experienced banking applicants with no SAS skills.

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Help regarding clinical SAS or SAS BI

I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say Clinical SAS vs SAS BI.

There's BI, business intelligence, which to my mind delivers automated reports on a regular cycel and this crosses over to the SAS programmer as well, but uses the SAS tools. This type of position is not domain specific in my head.

There's statistics in the medical field which does analysis for publications typically but sometimes policy, but you need statistics and SAS programming for this.

Statistics in general also crosses over and I've worked in both BI and statistics so there really is not a clear definition between the two sometimes, it depends on the role.

Anyways, it sounds like more of a question between statistics and BI perhaps?

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