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Does anyone know if %HPGLIMMIX macro is available anywhere for download? Thank you.

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Re: %HPGLIMMIX macro

Do not use the macro indication. As it has nothing to do with SAS-macro-s

It is part of the SAS procedures in this case High Performance one in the Statistical ones (separate license)

SAS/STAT(R) 12.3 User's Guide (glimmix)

SAS/STAT(R) 12.3 User's Guide: High-Performance Procedures (HPLMIXED)

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Re: %HPGLIMMIX macro

Hi, Longleaf

      I am the correspondence author of %HPGLIMMIX SAS macro, thank you for your interests in it.

      This macro and the associated academic paper are just published by Journal of Statistical Software at this URL: Journal of Statistical Software 

      You can find everything in that link. Enjoy!

      This macro project was initiated in 2011 and it took almost 3 years to perfect it, write a paper and publish them to a peer-reviewed academic journal.


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Re: %HPGLIMMIX macro

Thank you Liang for the reply. It is good to know that the macro is publicly available now.

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Re: %HPGLIMMIX macro

Congratulations to you and for this.  It is well-done and should be useful to a lot of folks.

Steve Denham

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