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Getting decoded format output in Proc Transpose

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Getting decoded format output in Proc Transpose

I have a macro that will do a data step for all datasets in a specified library, then it does a sort on all the datasets. I then do a proc transpose. The datasets all come together fine but the output under COL1 all the data is the uncoded values.
Example 1= NO the dataset shows 1 instead of no. How in a transpose do I get these values to come out. This program is to run generically across any study chosen within the application so using a format statement for specific formats will not work.
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Re: Getting decoded format output in Proc Transpose

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There are specific, defined rules for PROC TRANSPOSE and handling numeric and character variables that have a 'formatted value' associated. See the documentation for applying an ID statement (and possibly the PREFIX= keyword) where you have a numeric variable value which you want to take on some other string when generating your SAS variable/column names during TRANSPOSE.

Scott Barry
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PROC TRANSPOSE documentation, refer to section on "Attributes of Transposed Variables"
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