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Getting : WARNING: (continued)%n194

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Getting : WARNING: (continued)%n194

Hi All i am getting "WARNING: (continued)%n194" in log window while i run any code.


But its not effecting any output data.

Please suggest if i need to ignore or do i need to do any changes.


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Re: Getting : WARNING: (continued)%n194



Going to need a bit more information here.  Post the log, with the steps before the problem.  Also, if you can post the code which is causing the problem (if possiblke with some test data to recreate the problem).


As for your last question, always look at these, and fix as many as possible.  Personally I don't allow any errors/warnings or a fair few notes in my logs, there is only a very few occasions when you cant work round them.

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Re: Getting : WARNING: (continued)%n194

It's probably interpreting %n194 as a reference to a macro.  The simple solution, if it is possible within the context of your program, would be to switch from double quotes to single quotes.  

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