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Formatting ID when name ends in #

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Formatting ID when name ends in #

I will pull a spreadsheet each month from an outside source.  Their program requires the following:  Account#

I had been using the following to show the ln_no however I am getting an Account_ unitialized.  This is because the dataset I import in shows Account#.

1.  Is there a way to rename the Account# even though sas evaluates this differently and not as a text

2.  Also the account# needs to be a character and needs to show leading zeros if it is less than 10.  Some of the account numbers show more than 10 (ie 9.4201471E12 or 88089745000)

data loans2;

  length ln_no $10;

  set loans;


  if Account__ = . then ln_no = ' ';

else ln_no = put(input(Account__,??10.),z10.);

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Re: Formatting ID when name ends in #

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You need to reference the variable as a name literal as it is not a valid SAS name.  Enclose the variable name with quotation marks followed by an N like so Account#"n.

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