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Exporting 100's of images

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Exporting 100's of images

I'm running a proc cluster on a linux sas server. and producing a proc tree png which gets exported to a windows location. During this process the height and width of the pixels gets reset and the dendrogram is unreadable. 


I've given up trying to fix that as I've noticed a few problems when converting files from linux to windows using base sas code, where as exports seem to work fine.


So my question is, can I create a loop in Enterprise Guide; SAS Step to run cluster and tree, an export step, next loop, with a work table to control the loops?



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Re: Exporting 100's of images

Try defining heights and widths in terms of a different unit, cm or in. Pixels are always dependent on the display system.

And maybe sent the result to RTF. You don't mention which output destination you are actually using.

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Re: Exporting 100's of images

Yes, this would be a basic macro loop. The other option, create a macro and use CALL EXECUTE within a dataset to execute N times. 

See documentation under Call Execute for an example.


I think when transferring files from Linux to Windows you need to do a binary transfer to ensure it comes across correctly. I think I recall hearing this, but if it sounds like gibberish please ignore this.

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