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Explorer view: Ordering of headings

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Explorer view: Ordering of headings

Dear community,


I would be glad, if you could provide help considering the following "issue".


I am using base SAS 9.3, the "Explorer" view adjusted such that if I look up the tables in a library, put on display are the details -

"Name", "Size", "Type", "Description" as well as "Modified".

The issue is the ordering. In the general case, I am not interested in "Type" and "Description".

Rather, the ordering I preferred was

"Name", "Size", "Modified", "Description" and "Type".


In a library with many data sets or using SAS via remote desktop under Windows, the remote deskptop window being narrowed to small size, I often like to sort the data according to "Modified". As of now, I need to scroll to the right or try to "narrow" e.g. the "Name" and "Description" columns as much as possible, in order to reach "Modified" to "click it" such that the sort can be performed.


Is there a way to change the ordering of headings in the "Explorer"-View?


Yours sincerely,


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Re: Explorer view: Ordering of headings

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I don't think there is, I never seen this feature.

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Re: Explorer view: Ordering of headings

First, thank you for your reply.


Ironically, as I now realiter want to make use of the description field for I finally figured out how to write into the description field via a data step, the column in the explorer view reamins blanc, though the description I added via "label='mylabel'" is shown under the "right click - Properties" menue (e.g., confer below).

This holds true for SAS 9.3 I am using on my desktop as well as SAS 9.4 I may use via the server "my" instituion kindly provides access to. Further, I found it here.

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