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Exception when running a program - any help

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Exception when running a program - any help

I got an exception when running a code. I am now not able to open Base sas.

I get the following error message. i am running sas from remote login.

ERROR:  An exception has been encountered.

Please contact technical support and provide them with the following traceback information:

The SAS task name is [sasxkern]

ERROR:  Read Access Violation sasxkern

Exception occurred at (34892A2)

Task Traceback

Address   Frame     (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)

00000000034892A2  000000000463E5E0  sashost:Main+0xAFBD2

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Re: Can any one help me out in sas code to generate monte carlo simulation with missing data

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Probably no one can help you unless you provide a lot more details about what you want to accomplish.

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