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Excel 07 & Macros

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Excel 07 & Macros

This may have been answered in a previous post however I was unable to find it. If it has please post the link.

So the problem is that I have MS 07. When running macro enabled programs that ran successfully on MS Excel 03, I've found that Charts, Figures and Graphs are not outputting properly. The Chart lines either don't display, when outputting as a XLS/XLSX version, or do not line up properly, when outputting as XLTM or XLSM. In addition, the macro loaded titles/footnotes do not appear in my XLS output at all.

is there a simple, solution? soon my entire office will switch to MS 07.
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Re: Excel 07 & Macros

The SAS support has this technical support note regarding "Excel 2007" and its new file-formats. I found it using the website's SEARCH facility.

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Usage Note 19774: SAS® 9.1.3 SP4 for Windows does not support access to Microsoft Office 2007 Excel and Microsoft Access 2007 with cetain SAS/ACCESS® software
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