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Emulate the SAS word reader

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Emulate the SAS word reader

I am trying to trap rsubmits in code submitted for production. The program is turning into a SAS word reader. Has anyone done this before? Swip and adapt is so much better than inventing from scratch Smiley Happy
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Re: Emulate the SAS word reader

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Please entertain the forum subscribers with a response to the question below:

Why are you doing this?

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Re: Emulate the SAS word reader

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you might as well switch on option "implicit macros" aka (IMPLMAC) then have a macro named rsubmit in one of the paths of your sasautos system option.
That macro will then "override" or "intercept" normal usage of the rsubmit statement.
So it needs to take whatever action you want on discovering an "rsubmit" as well as performing that rsubmit .
You enter a world where any "word" in your programs will be checked to see if it is a macro. That might be just too much risk.

it's been a long time since I played in that area - just too much pain - but your objectives may be very difficult to capture in any other way.

good luck
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