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Embedded object in sas program

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Embedded object in sas program

data junk;

input ln_no $ state $ loans amt;



1123 AL 1 100

1123 AL 1 100

1123 AL 2 150

1233 AL 2 150

CA 3 50



My customer wants a tab added with a set of instructions and a picture (will call it pic_1).  I told the customer that I may have to offer a link in the email message that accompanies the report (based on the code) that directs the customers to a site that has the picture and instructions page.  I wanted to reach out to this thread to see if sas allows for embedded objects to display at runtime.

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Re: Embedded object in sas program

Where do you want the image to display?  In an HTML result?  Or in an attached e-mail message?  Or something else?


It is possible, but the best approach depends on the medium and the origin of the image (static image? Or generated from data, like a graph?).


Some hints in this blog post about HTML and SAS.

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