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ERROR: Libref ORION is not assigned.

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ERROR: Libref ORION is not assigned.

Hello there,

I have created the library called Orion and assigned the library to the enviornment by executing 'setup' folder under Snippet. But I am getting the error: 'Libref ORION is not assigned'. Do I need to add an 'Infile' statement?  I am trying to create a temporary data set named q1birthdays from the input data set orion.employee_payroll.


Please see the codes below:


libname orion "/folders/myfolders/ecprg193";


data q1birthdays;
   set orion.employee_payroll;
   if BirthMonth le 3;
run;%let path = Filepath;


Thank you for your time.



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Re: ERROR: Libref ORION is not assigned.

If you get that error, it means that the libname statement failed. Check the spelling of the physical path; be aware that UNIX is case-sensitive.

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Re: ERROR: Libref ORION is not assigned.

Post the log so we can see the error message. 


Re-run the setup as well and include the log if that has errors. 

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