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E.G. Libname Syntax vs Enhanced Editor

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E.G. Libname Syntax vs Enhanced Editor

Hi all

In the base SAS enhanced editor you can quote a dataset name without a library specified and it will write to your default path.

Can E.G. be set to behave this way?

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Re: E.G. Libname Syntax vs Enhanced Editor

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The Enhanced Editor would be installed on your PC hence you would have write access to the default path on your PC hard drive.


Typically code in EG runs on a remote SAS server where the default path is a SAS install directory where you are unlikely to be able to write to. The server would not be able to reference your PC hard drive either. Well not without a lot of special setup.


There are SAS data upload and download tasks in EG to deal with this type of problem.


Usually with EG server-based directories are setup for users to store their data in.



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