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Dummy SAS project for learning.

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Dummy SAS project for learning.

Hi All,

Does any have a dummy SAS project where a beginner can work on it.

The Main idea for this is to,have a project with various sas techniques applied  i.e sas procedures/sas sql/sas ods/ etc

thank youSmiley Happy

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Re: Dummy SAS project for learning.

Depends upon how entailed of a problem you feel you are ready to tackle.  Solving the problem we were confronted with for the 2013 MWSUG meeting Expert Panel presentation involved ALL of the things you are asking for .. possibly more than you really want.

However, you might want to take a look.  The problem and data can be found at: MidWest SAS Users Group - Experts Panel

I'm not going to suggest that my solution is the best possible but, if you need some clues, it can be found at: Expert Panel Solution MWSUG 2013-Tabachneck - sasCommunity

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