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Deleted File Paths in Favorite Folders

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Deleted File Paths in Favorite Folders

Hi all,


SAS became a bit glitchy starting yesterday. It takes about 45 seconds to open and has been freezing up. IT tracked it down using the logs, and discovered it was related to a changed file path on a central folder in the file service. It just so happens I was using that folder in my 'Favorite Folders' section of the SAS Explorer. 

I can't open Favorite Folders directly. I also can't use the recommended libname x '.'; I'm wondering if I can delete the subfolders from Favorite Folders elsewhere in SAS, or do so in Windows Explorer. Does anyone have experience with this?





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Re: Deleted File Paths in Favorite Folders

Hi @sobrio40


The information is stored within the C:\Users\yourUserID\Documents\My SAS Files\9.x\regstry.sas7bitm

If you move that file to a different location, it will be recreated upon your next SAS session and you won't have your previous Favorite Folders.


Hope that helps.



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Re: Deleted File Paths in Favorite Folders

This is great to know!


I also found, just moments ago, that if I wait long enough I can actually open 'Favorite Folders', right click on the desired folder and, after waiting a bit more, can eventually delete directly in just takes a bit more patience. Apparently I didn't wait long enough yesterday.



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