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Decode hashed data

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Decode hashed data

Hi There,

Is there any SAS function to decode hashed data. I ave hashed the data using MD5 function and wants to know how can I convert the MD5 values back to original.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Decode hashed data


MD5 is a one-way secure hash function and as such you are not supposed to be able to convert an MD5 hash value back to the original. MD5 is/was often used for verifying passwords without having to store the password, and so you can imagine how unsuitable it would be if you could easily derive a password from its MD5 hash Smiley Happy

For more info on SAS MD5 function see and for info on the MD5 algorithm see

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Re: Decode hashed data

MD5 is a one-way hash-function, restoring the originial value is not easy. I doubt that it can be done within SAS.

More information about the md5-algorithm can be found at
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Re: Decode hashed data

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Thanks guys!!
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