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Date formats and proc report formats

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Date formats and proc report formats

I seek help on  the following questions.

1. I've a data like 2014-11-04T17:04:59 in one of the variable. How to convert it to 04NOV2011?  Basically I need to format the variable to date9.

2. I could not get a title with the code below. Please advise.

ODS tagsets.excelxp file='/usr/sas/tir/work/log_table.xls' style=statistical

  options(autofilter='ALL'  sheet_name='log_analysis'  sheet_interval='none');

   title1 'Log Analysis Report';

proc Report data=log_table box nowd missing out=work.log_table_final

  style(header) = {background=white foreground=black FONT_WEIGHT = bold bordertopcolor=black borderleftcolor=white

  borderrightcolor=white borderbottomcolor=black};

  columns fname1 Date_TimeStamp1 date Status processid1 userid1 Details;

  define fname1/style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =45  display;

  define Date_TimeStamp1/style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =16  display;

  define Date/style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =10  display;

  define Status/ style(header)=[background=lightgreen]  width =5 display;

  define processid1/ style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =10  display;

  define userid1/ style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =20  display;

  define Details/style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =60  display;


ods tagsets.excelxp close;

ods listing;

ods listing close;

I need title at the 'centre' of the first cell in my .xls file.

3. How to rename variable in proc report? e.g. I need to rename Date_TimeStamp1 to Date TimeStamp1. I need  a space between the variable between date and timestamp1. Incase if I'm renaming this variable like rename Date_TimeStamp1='Date TimeStamp1'n in the datastep, how to define this variable Date TimeStamp1 in proc report?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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Re: Date formats and proc report formats

1. Use format datetime9.

2. In the options( ) you need options (embedded_titles='Yes')

3. define Date_TimeStamp1/"Date TimeStamp1" style(header)=[background=lightgreen] width =16  display;

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Re: Date formats and proc report formats


1) put(input(full_date_time_var,e8601dt.),date9.)

2) Excel does not show headers/footers by default - this is an Excel problem.  If you go into print preview mode you will see them.  If you want a subheading in the data use compute block:

compute before;

     line "a line to place in front of output";


** Edit: Good point PaigeMiller, forgot about the embed option.

3) You do not want to rename a variable name, you want to alter the label associated with the variable:

define data_timestamp1 / label="Date Timestamp1";

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