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Date Format

I am just starting to use PC SAS at work and we have linked it to our SQL server so i can see our tables there. My problem is that all of the date fields come over in the following format: 01MAR2009 00:00:00. I know that SQL stores it with the timestamp and programs like Microsoft Access and SQL Server software can some how strip it off and makes the date viewable as mm/dd/yyyy. I was wondering if there was a setting somewhere in PC SAS that can make date fields easier to use instead of me having to format it every damn time. Thank you.
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Re: Date Format

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I believe there are "import" options where SAS will scan the incoming standard "datetime" variables for a date and assign a SAS DATE formatted variable, rather than a datetime variable. Check the SAS DOC for handling datetime columns, options USEDATE= and SCANTIME=.

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