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Date Comparison in a Macro

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Date Comparison in a Macro

Hi All:

I'm trying to compare two dates in a macro and I'm getting the error message:

ERROR: Required operator not found in expression: input("&enddate",yymmdd8.) < intnx('year',input("&startdate",yymmdd8.),0,'end')

The statement that's causing the error is this:

%if input("&enddate",yymmdd8.) < intnx('year',input(&startdate",yymmdd8.),0,'end') %then
...other stuff...

Here, enddate = 20090331. I've done comparisons like this in the past and have never had an error like this. I'm sure I'm overlooking something very basic.


T.M. Foy
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Re: Date Comparison in a Macro

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You will need to explore using the %SYSFUNC macro language function when you want to integrate SAS CALL functions into macro language coding.

Scott Barry
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Re: Date Comparison in a Macro

Thanks, I'll try that.
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