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Data step read error handling

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Data step read error handling

Hello world! =)

I have faced to next problem. Can I check access permission to the data to read and handle an error (if there is an error)?

For example: I need to know does user, that run SP, have permission to read the source and handle an error if there not.

I tried something like this:

data _null_;

     set DATA(obs=0);

     if _error_ ne 0 then do;

          put NOTE: "ERROR =" _error_;

          _error_ = 0;



But it does not work =(

Any ideas? Thank you.

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Re: Data step read error handling

Try to use the automatic macro variables sysrc and syscc.

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Re: Data step read error handling

Thank you.

I tried to user SYSRC and SYSCC but there is no effect.

Or may be I use them incorrect. If you have an example, it would be a pleasant if you share it =)

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