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Creating new aggregated variables for base table

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Creating new aggregated variables for base table



I am pretty new to SAS, and are having some problems understanding how to create a base table. 


At the moment I have the following table:

Customer:      Month:       Variable1:          Variable2:                 .........   VariableN

1                         1                  56                      78

1                         2                  71                      81

1                         3                  70                      78

2                         1                  100                   102

2                         2                  98                      88

2                         3                  89                      81




What I want is this:

Customer:           Avg.Variable 1:                                                Change.Variable2:

1                  (mean of variable 1 for all months)                     (last month - first month) 

2                  (mean of variable 1 for all months)                     (last month - first month) 






Hope it is clear ish. Any suggestions? 

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Re: Creating new aggregated variables for base table

The means you could get using PROC MEANS or SQL. But when you also want last minus first for another variable, you may as well do the whole thing in a datastep, e.g.:


Data want;
Count_var1=0; do until(last.customer); set have; by customer;
if not missing(Variable1) then do; Sum_var1=Sum_var1+Variable1;
if first.customer then
First_var2=Variable2; end; Diff_var2=Variable2-First_var2; /* last value minus first value */
if Count_var1 then
keep customer Mean_var1 Diff_var2; run;

The data should be sorted by customer and month, of course.



It can also be done in SQL, though:


proc sql;
  create table want as select
    mean(a.Variable1) as mean_var1,
    Last.Variable2-First.variable2 as Diff_var2
    have a,
    have first,
    have last
  where first.customer=a.customer
    and last.customer=a.customer
  group by a.customer
  having first.month=min(a.month)
     and last.month=max(a.month)
order by a.customer, a.month ; quit;

Here, you can easily get all the original rows without remerging with the original data afterwards. If you only want the two summary rows, you should add a DISTINCT after SELECT, replace a.* with a.customer, and drop a.month from the ORDER BY clause. 



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