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Creating (enquete) webforms with SAS Base

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Creating (enquete) webforms with SAS Base

Dear SAS Programmers,


Goal is to create a webform that can be opened within the SAS VA environment. Selected authorized persons will open the webform and fill it with data. After submitting the data will be transferred in a SAS database (library) accessable with SAS Enterprise guide.


The webform can be created in HTML language.


What we are looking for is an example code in SAS Base that publish the webform within the SAS environment and when someone filled the for, that the data is transferred to a database.


We are happy to answer any questions .


Thanks in Advance.


Teddo van Mierle


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Re: Creating (enquete) webforms with SAS Base

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1. create a csv file from web form

2. use EG or Base to read the csv file to process it

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Re: Creating (enquete) webforms with SAS Base

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That's not exactly what we try to achieve.


We want to create in SAS Base a webform that should be deployed within the SAS environment. Users who logon to the SAS environment could fill in the form and after submitting the data is transferred to a library.


We try to collect data by manual input from users and put it in a central database.


Mostly SAS - SAS VA is about one way communication with users. We try to set up a two way data communication system with users, completely within the SAS environment.

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