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Creating a file in SAS

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Creating a file in SAS

Hi guys,

I am currently listening to a SAS tutorial and have been trying to follow up instructions on creating a practice file. The code I need to use is:

%let path=FILEPATH/ecprg193

libname orion "&path";


Where ecprg193 is the file which carries the work sheets. I correctly defined the Filename and used the code below to create my folder:

%let path=C:/Users/ndiku/Desktop/ecprg193

libname orion "&path";


After entering this, it gives me an error message.


Can anyone advice me on correcting the code? or where I went wrong?



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Re: Creating a file in SAS

Are you using SAS University Edition?



If so, see the help center on setting up. You need to create a shared drive ('/folders/myfolders') place the files in there and then you can use them in SAS.


If you're not using SAS UE, please post the error.

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Re: Creating a file in SAS

Please post the error message text. Also, which version of SAS are you using.


There is a system option availabe in SAS 9.3 that needs to be set to create a file if the path does not already exist and in versions prior to 9.3 the the entire path must exist prior to use.


And as @Reeza said, University edition has additional requirements on where you can access files.

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Re: Creating a file in SAS

in the 1st line i think you missed semicolon can write code in 2 ways 

1st :


%let path=C:/Users/ndiku/Desktop/ecprg193;

libname orion "&path";


2nd Way :

libname orion 'C:/Users/ndiku/Desktop/ecprg193' ;



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