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Copying and Saving Current Program

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Copying and Saving Current Program

Is there a way to copy and save the a program that you have open into another directory automatically?  For instance,  I have a production version of SAS open and I run it.  I would like the SAS program to automatically save and place a copy of itself in another location.


Production SAS program located C:\

When it's running it's exporting data to A:\

I want to save and copy the program from C:\ to A:\ automatically.


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Re: Copying and Saving Current Program

The simplest way might be to write a batch file to do it.  It really depends on the tools you have available.

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Re: Copying and Saving Current Program

It depends on what you want to achieve.  What value is there in copying a program over once its run, why not save the log there, that would show you what has been run (in full with options turned on).

There are a few ways, the simplest would be to have a main program which copy's this over using system commands - x 'copy "..." "..."';

You could also read the text file in and print it out to another file.

You could also re-direct the log.

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