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Converting dates fromYYWW to sas date

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Converting dates fromYYWW to sas date

Hi SAS programmers.


I need to do a follow up study on a data set where the dates are only available as year and week stored in the same variable as YYWW (ie 1034 corresponds to 2010 week 34). I would like to covert this variable to a sas date, prefferably to the corresponding monday, however I have had no luck doing so.

I am not very experienced with sas, so the answer might be quite trivial, but I was unable to find the answer using my usual ressources (the little sas book and google).

Hopefully you can help.


Kind regards


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Re: Converting dates fromYYWW to sas date

You can use the weeku format, although you will likely need to add the "W" in to get it to work.


Alternatively, you could use intnx() function, i.e. substr(1,2)=year, then from 01JAN that year intnx("week",substr(3,2)).  To move the date number of weeks forward.


data want;
  format date1 date9.;
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Re: Converting dates fromYYWW to sas date

The WEEKx informat requires to have a "W" between the year and the week.


So you could use the following code:

data have ;
  week = "1034";
  weekDate = input( cats(substr(week, 1, 2), "w", substr(week, 3, 2)), weekv8.);

  format weekDate weekDate.;

There are various informats, but since you need it to be a Monday use the WEEKV. infromat.

Since you have 2 digist for the year, pay attention to the YEARCUTOFF system option, as this will determine whether it will be 2010 or 1910.



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