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Converting char to numeric in macro

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Converting char to numeric in macro

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 I applied the code provided in this topic to convert character variable to numeric, it works quite well for individual data sets.But when I apply the code in macro, I meet problems. When I use "proc sql" to find out character variables in data sets, SAS tells me that there are no character variables in the data sets but actually there are some. I don't know why, so could you kindly help me out? 


%macro sic2_state(i,j);
	data &j&i;
		set &j&i;
	proc sql;
	create table char_cur&j&i as 
		select name from dictionary.columns where libname='WORK' and MEMNAME="&j&i" and type='char'; 


Thanks a lot! Cheers, Owen

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Re: Converting char to numeric in macro

Within dictionary.columns, all the MEMNAME values are stored in uppercase.  So the initial hurdle to overcome is to change the MEMNAME criterion to:


and memname = upcase("&j&i")

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Re: Converting char to numeric in macro

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@Astounding Thank you so much Astounding! That's the point! Regards, Owen
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